Thoughts & Emotions from the Wingravity Team 🚀 Razvan [Full Stack Developer]


Until now, we’ve been spoiled by working with skilled and interesting people and Razvan is one of them. He joined Wingravity exactly 1 year and a half ago when we were searching for a new colleague. 

Even though we’ve never met in person it didn’t stop us from doing the impossible together in these past months. 


You were “forced” by the marketing team to answer the questions of this interview 😢

Razvan: Seems like it, even though we are 600km apart it is hard to lie low with these guys… Of course, I am just joking and I think that I was fortunate enough to be picked for giving this interview. The pleasure is mine.

What programming languages and development methodologies are you familiar with and why?

R: My main focus is on Javascript. After discovering Vue and React I thought that I have to master them before trying to learn some new programming language. As for the development methodology, Agile is the best for me, simple and clean.

Why Wingravity?

R: 💪You changed the opinion that I had in college about tech companies. Before meeting you, I believed that my input, as a junior programmer, wouldn’t matter that much and I wouldn’t solve interesting real-life problems.

Ever since I started working with you, my feedback was always listened to and analyzed. You helped with all the technical problems I’ve encountered along the way. This, together with your open-mindedness, gave me confidence, and I’ve grown immensely in recent months.

Working in this team is challenging and fast-paced, having no time to get bored.

How would your colleagues and clients describe you?

R: I have a hard time describing myself to other people, but I think that they see me as an ambitious developer because I never stop learning about new technologies and libraries that make our work easier. Also, dedicated to figuring out all possible solutions and then think of some more before saying that a task cannot be done.

What makes time disappear for you while coding?

R: I enjoy building pages and making them look as similar as possible to the design received. Time just flies by, I could do that for hours and hours and feel like I just started. And of course, there is music which helps a lot to get in the flow of programming.

What’s your dev superpower?

R: I do not think that I have something like that, but maybe, if it counts, I like the fact that I do not give up until I finish even the most complex task. It doesn’t matter what it takes, I’ll just keep thinking about ways of solving it until I succeed.

If you had not become a Software Engineer, then…

R: Difficult question, never thought about that. I have enjoyed spending time on my computer since I was a little kid, so maybe something related to that. My guess is that I would have tried to be a Professional Gamer because I also had that period of time when I was playing all day long. Otherwise, it would have been a hard decision.

Final Thoughts 

We value Razvan because first and foremost he takes ownership of his own work in terms of quality and productivity, he is always willing to help you when you need it, easy and fun to talk to and joke around with and humble enough to ask for your help or advice if needed. 

Thank you so much, Razvan. Wingravity is happy to have you. ❤️

Join us 

As a growing company, we are looking for enthusiastic collaborators to join us in delivering innovation from the ground UP. 

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