The Technology Interpreter™ Meets Gergö Fazekas – Managing Director of

After we had our first two amazing meetings with the fearless business owner and adventurer Jörg Schmiedl and the well-spoken, determined and respectful leader – Guntram Rainer, we continued our adventure in meeting other successful Austrian entrepreneurs and listening to their inspiring stories.

What I love most about writing the “Technology Interpreter™ meets” blog post series is the fact that I’m mentally traveling back in time to remember the essence of each meeting, not necessarily focusing on what all these leaders do, but more on how they do it.

Usually we want to go back in time to right a wrong, to make a different decision or to alter the course of history. I wish I could do that for the next leader not just mentally but physically too, in order to warn him that before our meeting his bike would get stolen. Even today I still hope that the Police will find his bike and return it safe and unharmed even though he lost his hope and replied to our last email: “Oh, my bike… Thank you for mentioning. No chance to have it back, but I will be more careful next time for sure. :)”

Instead of having a “I hate you, thief, for stealing my bike and I hope you ride my bike without a helmet and you will suffer. I will spend my days tracking you down, find you and you will never sleep again” attitude, he was radiating a positive and forward-looking attitude that I appreciate and admire. This is an amazing example of the power of being proactive instead of being reactive in business and transforming a less pleasant situation into a lesson learned, embracing the new situation as a part of the process and taking action to make the best of it.

After this “short” introduction, It is a great honor and pleasure for me to introduce to you the next cool Austrian entrepreneur, that in 2017 had a bike, in 2010 had a great idea, assembled a team to bring that concept to life and created his own successful business venture called Ladies and gentlemen, please give a big round of applause for the most honest, kind, creative and energetic leader with a contagious smile – Gergö Fazekas.

Seeing Gergö and His Company through My Eyes

It was May 24, 10.30 AM and I was on my way to meeting Gergö. There was still half an hour left so there was plenty of time to visit the surroundings of the location of our meeting. I arrived at the address that he gave me, Gumpendorfer Straße 65, Vienna, and I noticed from the outside some cool stuff inside this building and even though it was too early I had to enter and see what this colorful, playful and awesome place was about.

Amazing, isn’t it? It’s a co-working space called Co Space that offers fixed and flexible memberships, which include desk space, meeting facilities and fast internet connection. Basically, everything that any entrepreneur or freelancer could need to work, play and have fun at the same. While visiting it, it gives you the impression of a dynamic environment that I’m sure it’s much like the startups that “live” here.

Because I arrived early, I used the remaining time to test all their toys while my inner child came out. That gave me a powerfully-wonderful positivity aura. I must admit that I’m a grown-up kid at times, I let my guard down, just to be and to enjoy life.

It was 11.00 AM, Gergö arrived and captivated us from the very beginning with his positive attitude and intriguing smile. I must say that his positivity was contagious. The influence that people like Gergö have over our own personal energy is amazing because moods and attitudes are so easily spread – an honest and simple smile from a person you’ve just met can make such a difference on how the discussion will continue from that point forward.

He uses “honest messages” + “creativity” + “smart design” + “latest technologies” to deliver state-of-the-art animations. That intrigued me and made me want to know more about the process. After explaining all the steps I started to appreciate more his field of work: ANIMATION = HARD WORK.

What seemed to me the most difficult part was capturing the essence of the service or product into a storyboard and creating a 1 minute animation of it.

The sad part is that at this point animations are taken for granted and everyone undervalues the incredible effort that it takes to create them. On the other side, the best part is that the software used is so advanced that we could say that we have reached a point where we are limited only by our imagination. Even if the tools are so advanced, the people behind them are more brilliant. Animation is pure creativity and could be considered freedom of expression in one of its purest forms.

Innovative Services and Products Offered by His Company

Video and Animation

The Major Design produces animation and video in different styles and length to present, explain or promote any type of services or products.

Social Media Management

The all-round social media management service offered by The Major Design makes it easy to embed awesome visuals, animations, films and texts into the communication strategy of any business.

If you’d like to learn more about how animation and social media can be combined to take your business to a whole new level, get in touch with Gergö Fazekas: phone: +43 (0)699 110 35850, email: [email protected]

My Short Interview with Gergö Fazekas

What is so cool about

Gergö Fazekas: All members of the MajorDesign creative team are fully committed to the client’s story. Our clients feel that and they are often very impressed of it. The mutual understanding and the free flow of ideas lead to a memorable animation, video, infographics or whatever visual it may be. The story works and this is really cool.

What Are Your 3-5 Key Ingredients for Business Success?

Gergö Fazekas:

Ingredient #1: A business in the creative sector should be extremely flexible to succeed.

Ingredient #2: Avoid unnecessary prestige-expenditures and focus all your physical and mental resources on the client and the given project.

Ingredient #3: Optimize your costs and offer your client the highest quality service. This leads to your customers’ satisfaction and this is all that you need.


The meeting with the incredibly captivating Gergö helped me understand that having a positive attitude that’s infectious to those around you is one of the most important steps you can take to achieve your true potential in business. Not only will your team pick up on your positive energy, but customers will also feel it and will want to do business with you.

On the contrary, if you display a negative attitude at all times, the members of your team will try their best to avoid you because they feel demotivated in your presence, not to mention that customers will become more interested in what your competition has to offer. Overall, a negative attitude will cause your business’ performance to drop with each passing day.

Taking a positive approach will help you feel in control on one hand, and will enable you to perform at your best. Negative attitudes damage confidence and performance, lead to mental blocks and can even have a negative impact on your health.

Thank you so much Gergö for showing WinGravity just how important it is to stay positive when conducting business. The way you displayed the role of honesty and happiness to me, the Technology Interpreter™, totally makes you a cool business owner!

Check out our other Viennese success stories The Technology Interpreter™ meets Jörg Schmiedl – CEO of and and The Technology Interpreter™ Meets Guntram Rainer – Owner of, and stay tuned for more!

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