The Technology Interpreter™ Meets Guntram Rainer – Owner of

After we had our first amazing meeting with the fearless business owner and adventurer Jörg Schmiedl, the CEO of and, we were more excited than ever to continue our quest in discovering Vienna and other successful entrepreneurs.

Our second meeting was with an exceptional leader who possesses a high level of competence as well as a high level of warmth that totally evoked my admiration. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to introduce to you the next cool Austrian entrepreneur, the well-spoken, persistent and hardworking leader – Guntram Rainer – the Owner of

Seeing Guntram and His Company through My Eyes

I had my first conversation with Guntram at the beginning of April. After exchanging several emails, I was fascinated about him and what his company had to offer so I told him about my plan to visit Vienna in May and added him to my list of coolest entrepreneurs.

Guntram is an experienced leader who has led sales & marketing teams for Oracle, Automic and Microsoft before launching and successfully running Rock Your Market. In 2014, after 25 years as an employee, he was struggling finding an answer to the question: “Should I continue to stay in a comfortable, secure job, or could I build something better?” Like any other entrepreneur he was afraid that failure could define the rest of his life. Well, it didn’t. His admirable courage to take a step into nowhere, live with uncertainty for the rest of his life and build something not just good, but awesome such as RockYourMarket defines him as a determined and respectful business owner.

What amazed me the most was his friendly and generous attitude towards us from the early beginning. After I’ve informed him about my visit he replied back saying “What are your most important areas of interest? Are you interested in specific topics i.e arts, modern architecture or old buildings from the time of the monarchy? Please give me some hints about your major interests – Maybe I can then give you some tips or we can have our meeting in some of these areas”.

Wow, the Austrians are really warm-hearted, generous and welcoming people. How nice of him to ask me that! Of course I replied that the the part of Vienna that has old buildings from the time of the monarchy sounds more interesting to me.

So, our meeting took place at Café Central (Corner Herrengasse / Strauchgasse, 1010 Wien), one the most beautiful, elegant and attractive coffee coffeehouses that I’ve seen.

The interior is impressive – the walls have a classy appeal of golden days, with chandeliers and beautiful arched ceilings. This is a must-visit café with delicious sweets and pastry, as well as coffee. It’s a lovely place and you definitely must try Cafe Central’s Apfelstrudel! Delicious!

After discussing serious topics such as the battle between Apple and Microsoft fans, things that Mac users can do that Windows users can only dream of (or was it the other way around? 🙂 ) and less serious topics such as artificial intelligence or the software as a service business model, he sacrificed more than 5 hours from his time to show us his beautiful city. I have to mention that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Guntram is the human Google of Vienna because he knows everything about everything and every minute spent with him was like staying with an old friend by my side who was sharing his learnings and insights.

Innovative Services and Products Offered by His Company

Rock Your Market helps B2B companies conquer any market using a systematic and structured approach. If you need a clearer picture about your

  • Sales and marketing processes
  • Who your potential customers are
  • What accelerators to use and when
  • What is the relevant media or top influencers for your product

their expertise makes the entire process much easier while having positive outcomes. The go-to-market planning & execution services that they offer will definitely help you to better rock your market!

Are you an innovative and independent software vendor, a company with a SaaS business model with an idea and you want to go-to-market globally? What are you waiting for? Rock your market together with Guntram: phone: +43 664 882 37 892, email: [email protected], skype: guntram.rainer.

My Short Interview with Guntram Rainer

What is so cool about

Guntram Rainer: combines business development experience with individual „Go-to-Market“ models. If our customer is willing to follow our plans, we’re willing to share the risk! This keeps us fresh and agile. 😉

What are your 3-5 key ingredients for business success?

Guntram Rainer:
Ingredient #1: Be creative and use your experience in planning how to „rock“ your market.
Ingredient #2: Execute fast and with passion.
Ingredient #3: Don’t be afraid and keep an open mind for change and the unexpected.


After this second meeting, I understood that age doesn’t matter when it comes to start your own business because you’re never too old or too young to give new experiences a try especially when greatness knows no age. The secret to deliver innovation is to have a constant curiosity for identifying overlooked niches, spotting an opportunity/something what others haven’t seen and that gives you the superpower to see the future before the future plays out.

Thank you so much Guntram for showing us your beautiful city and how to drink coffee with a Viennese attitude up on the roof while seeing one of the most breathtaking panoramic views and top attractions. The way you artfully shared your memories and experiences with me, the Technology Interpreter™ , totally makes you a cool business owner who rocks!

Check out the first Viennese success story, The Technology Interpreter™ meets Jörg Schmiedl – CEO of and and stay tuned for more!

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